Dollhouse Miniature Printables

So, you’re looking for tips on printing your own dollhouse miniatures? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve been printing in 1:12 scale for a number of years now, so I thought I’d pass along a few of my favorite product suggestions and other tricks of the trade.


My most commonly used paper is Canon Pixma Matte Photo Paper (MP-101). It has excellent saturation and is perfect for fine detail.

Some of my other favorite papers include:

  • HP Premium 32: This is slightly heavier (32 lb) than standard copy paper, but it’s very smooth and yields great results if you want something just a little more sturdy than copy paper.
  • Uinkit 37lb Thin Flyer Paper Glossy: This is a thin glossy paper that folds easily, making it great for printable packaging, etc.
  • C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets: These sheets are 8.5 x 11 and allow you to print on fabric, napkins, etc. by ironing them on to the shiny side of the freezer paper.


  • Round Paper Punches, various sizes: These make punching out printable paper plates very easy! I use a 3/4″ diameter punch for paper plates.
  • Circle Guide Template: This is great to have in your stash. I use the 9/16″ circle with my paper plates to shape them.
  • Ball Styluses, various sizes: These help with shaping paper plates if you don’t have a plate-making jig.
  • Craft Foam Sheet: This provides a slight bit of resistance that is helpful when shaping paper items.
  • Gloss Mod Podge: I often apply a thin coat of gloss mod podge to my printables for a light satin finish. It also makes them a little more sturdy.
  • Bone Folder: Along with a straight edge metal ruler, this is essential for scoring and folding!

I hope some of these suggestions help! Be sure to bookmark this page, as I will add more tips as I continue to learn new techniques myself!

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