Farmhouse Halloween Hutch

I’ve been wanting to make a little farmhouse-inspired Halloween hutch for my kitchen, so this past week I took to Pinterest for some ideas and immediately fell in love with the idea of creating some Rae Dunn-style ceramics for the shelves.

After painting the hutch black over crackle medium and distressing it, I found some black and white striped scrapbook paper to put behind the shelves.

Next, I printed all of the Halloween-themed decals on waterslide decal paper and applied them to an assortment of plates, bowls, tea cups and a tea pot.

The little ghost garland was also really fun to make and incredibly easy – all I did was string beads on a length of sparkly thread with a needle. For the ghosts, I took faux pearl beads and cut out a little square of white cotton fabric. I applied a bit of tacky glue to the fabric, placed the pearl bead in the center of the square and gathered the edges together so it took on a ghost shape.

Once the glue dried, I painted on the eyes and mouth with black acrylic paint using a small ball stylus. Then, because I used a pearl bead underneath, I was able to string them onto the garland with the needle. Easy, right?

So, since I love how this turned out, I think I’ll be making similar ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas… stay tuned!

PS – In case you’re wondering, that adorable hand-painted cat is by the talented Karry Johnson!

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