My First Dollhouse: Renovating a Vintage Dollhouse

Two weeks ago, I was browsing the Facebook Marketplace and ran across a vintage dollhouse for sale that came with tons of furniture, accessories and a greenhouse. I could tell it would definitely need some work, but I was immediately drawn to it. Despite the fact that I’m working full-time as a miniaturist now, I don’t have a dollhouse of my own!

My First Dollhouse: Renovating a Vintage Dollhouse

At the price she was asking, I just couldn’t resist. So my husband and I drove the 45 minutes to pick it up and painstakingly tried to cram it into our SUV. Yes, it’s that big. It just barely fit in the back with the seats folded up.

My First Dollhouse: Renovating a Vintage Dollhouse

It’s now home and hanging out on an entirely-too-small card table (I have plans to head to IKEA this weekend to pick up a more appropriately sized table), and I’m now faced with the challenge of where to start.

Sorry for the less-than-stellar initial photos. Once I get this on a table where I can move it, I’ll be able to get better lighting and photos.

I started out by trying to identify the maker and model, but that’s presenting a challenge. I’m fairly certain this originated somewhere around the 70s – though I may stand corrected – and I think it’s made by Real Good Toys. Believe it or not, the lady selling it still had all of the parts lists and assembly instructions. According to the parts list, this model appears to be the “Fox Hollow” but I haven’t been able to find a single bit of information about it on the web.

My First Dollhouse: Renovating a Vintage Dollhouse

I definitely intend to rehab and complete the exterior before moving inside. At first glance, the clapboard siding is warped in a number of places, meaning I’ll probably have to remove it all and replace it.

Secondly, all of the windows need to be fixed up and replaced. The good news is the shingles on the roof are all in pretty good shape – only a few little spots to fix up.

Lastly, that porch. I am not a fan of blue, so that’s going to have to go. I would really prefer wood planking, so we’ll see how that shapes up.

So, that’s what I’ve gotten myself into! This is going to be a major learning curve for me, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get the look I’m going for – a modern farmhouse. I’ll continue to share updates about my progress, so wish me luck!

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  1. I purchased a Fox Hollow already built (but with a double decker porch) second hand over the summer. It was finished and painted but nit ever wired or detailed out. I am giddy.

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