Grand Opening of Magnolia Hollow

I’m so excited to announce the grand opening of Magnolia Hollow! When I first saw this fabulous shop kit from The Curated Farmhouse, I immediately imagined a seasonal home decor store and since fall is my favorite season, I thought it was the perfect time to get started. Next, I got to work on the store’s branding and design. I chose one of my favorite flowers, the magnolia, as the motif for the design, and I love the soft, muted neutral shades that go with it.

So, let’s go on a little tour of the exterior of the shop today!

But first, what grand opening would be complete without balloons and a ribbon cutting ceremony?

That beautiful autumn wreath on the front door is by Tiny Naturals Gift Shop, and the adorable door mat and insert is from My Mini Front Porch.

I made the marigolds from a kit from Moonflower Miniatures, and the amazing hanging planters came from My Mini Front Porch, too. I love the pop of color they brought to the exterior.

This shelf was part of the shop kit, and it’s a great way to display some additional products outside. I made the trucks from ornaments I got at Hobby Lobby. I designed all the labels, signage, packaging and tea towels myself. I used actual agate slices to make the serving trays, and beads to make the fragrance diffusers. The candle warmer on the top shelf actually lights up, too!

I sculpted the pumpkins for the trucks from polymer clay, and I used dried flowers, as well. The beautiful little potted mums came from Mimi’s Mini Boutique Co.

This little standing display was also included with the shop kit, and I thought it would be the perfect place to display all those little impulse buys: soaps, scent sachets, magazines, potpourri, etc.

I love cinnamon pine cones, so I used tiny little alder cones to make my own packages of them.

I designed the Magnolia Hollow Living magazines and the calendars, as well. I also made tiny little pumpkins from polymer clay in mesh bags as vase filler. And let’s not forget the bags of potpourri!

I even made little branded shopping bags, because… why not?

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the outside of Magnolia Hollow! Stay tuned for a look at everything inside!


Hello, Fall

To be fair, it’s hard to say “Hello, fall” when it’s still in the 90s, but hey, a girl can dream! I set up this fun little autumn scene to photograph my latest fall garden flags, and I love how it turned out.

One of my favorite details is the pair of muddy boots! To create those, I dabbed brown and black acrylic paint on the bottoms with a Q-tip, and before it dried completely, I sprinkled a little model railroad soil on to look like caked on dirt from a day well spent mucking around in the yard.

I also made all of the flowers and the fallen leaves. I used alcohol markers on Japanese crepe paper to get the mottled, multicolor look for the leaves, and I think it worked out really well!

New Fall Garden Flags

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