gourmet fuzzies

Kaya the Kangaroo and Kip the Joey

Continuing on in my world tour of wildlife, I decided to create a mama kangaroo and her baby! Kaya is my first creation to feature polymer clay claws. Her baby boy, Kip, is happy hanging out in his pouch. Kaya stands an impressive 10-1/2 inches tall.

Giselle the Giraffe

Poor Giselle here was languishing in my bin of half-finished projects for far too long, so I decided it was time to bring her to life! I’m so happy with how she turned out – especially those adorable fluttering eyelashes!

Remy The Rat (From Ratatouille) and a Tree Frog

Pixar’s Ratatouille is probably one of my favorite movies, so I had an absolute blast creating my own version of the starring culinary rodent, Remy!

I also had the opportunity to create a tree frog! He was very different from any of the other animals I created (my first of the amphibious variety). I especially love his toes and eyes, which I hand-painted.

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