Serena the Witch

One of my favorite things about being an artist is that you never stop learning. There are always new techniques to learn, materials to try and creative boundaries to push. This week, I really pushed myself and attempted to sculpt something I’ve never done before – a person! Meet Serena, my witch!

Serena is entirely sculpted from polymer clay. She is created on a wire armature, so she is somewhat posable. Her hair is made from natural Border Leicester locks, and her outfit is a fiber art bundle for the skirt (she has gray bloomers and polymer clay boots underneath), and her top is a wrap made of black cheesecloth. She also has silver hoop earrings and a moon pendant necklace. Even her broom is handmade!

Considering she is my first attempt at this type of project, I’m beyond thrilled with how she turned out! I hope you like her!

Witch’s Kitchen #TrickYourPumpkin

This is a slight departure from my usual needle felting projects, but with Halloween right around the corner, I figured it was apropos! Michael’s is having a #TrickYourPumpkin contest, so this pumpkin diorama with a witch’s kitchen inside is going to be my entry!

I took a craft pumpkin and carved a large opening in the front. I painted the inside a deep purple and distressed the outside of the pumpkin with black paint. It has a little raven’s nest perched on top, and the whole pumpkin is resting on top of a cake stand draped in black cheesecloth.

Inside the witch’s kitchen, there’s a little table and a hutch featuring polymer clay miniatures I made: potion bottles, a crystal ball, spell books, candles, face jars, a bat, a pumpkin and more!

I hope you enjoy this little Halloween scene!

Wanda the Trick or Treat Mouse

Continuing on my Halloween kick, this is Wanda! She’s going trick-or-treating as a little witch, complete with hat and cape! She’s listed on Etsy and is ready to ship!